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  • Radio Play-by-Play Announcer (Pt. 2)
    with Ted Davis and Tim Muma - December 29, 2013
    Tim Muma continues his conversation with Ted Davis, play-by-play radio voice of the Milwaukee Bucks. Ted reminisces about the most memorable moments in his career - both good and bad - as well as why college may not be the best path to a professional job.
  • Electrochemist
    with Amanda Morris and Tim Muma - December 28, 2013
    There are almost limitless opportunities within science to carve out a career for yourself - and chemistry provides even more flexibility. Amanda Morris, assistant professor at Virginia Tech, joins the show to discuss the role of an electrochemist. Amanda gives Tim Muma the details on what these chemists focus on, what a career might look like, and what you need to know to land a job in this discipline.
  • NFL Referee
    with Bill Carollo and Tim Muma - December 27, 2013
    Being an official in the NFL - particularly a referee - can be a thrilling experience, but it comes with pressure and scrutiny. Former NFL referee Bill Carollo, currently the Big Ten coordinator of officials, talks with Tim Muma about the path to the NFL, the keys to success on the big stage, and what it's like to prepare and participate in the NFL. He also tells us about his favorite (and least favorite) people and experie...
  • Theoretical Chemist
    with Preston MacDougall and Tim Muma - December 26, 2013
    There are almost limitless opportunities within science to carve out a career for yourself - and chemistry provides even more flexibility. Theoretical chemistry looks to explain the occurrences in both the physical and chemical worlds. Preston MacDougall, professor and assistant chair at Middle Tennessee State University, talks to Tim Muma about the key components of theoretical chemistry and the many areas you could practi...
  • Meteorologist
    with Keith Seitter and Tim Muma - December 23, 2013
    We tend to think of the meteorologists we see on TV newscasts and the Weather Channel, but there are plenty of other opportunities for these individuals. Keith Seitter, executive director for the American Meteorological Society, joins Tim Muma to discuss the various avenues for success, how technology improves the profession and what he loves about being a meteorologist.
  • Nanochemist
    with Steve Maguire and Tim Muma - December 23, 2013
    There are almost limitless opportunities within science to carve out a career for yourself - and chemistry provides even more flexibility. Steve Maguire, a chemist teaching at Lakehead University, joins Tim Muma to describe the details behind nanochemistry, a discipline where listeners could contribute in a variety of fields, including electronics and medicine.
  • Author
    with Carole Barrowman and Cady Chesney - December 4, 2013
    Books have the power of pulling their readers into a whole new dimension, full of rich landscapes, characters, and story lines. Becoming a published author is a notoriously difficult task, one that not many can say they have accomplished. Carole Barrowman, author of the Bone Quill series and Exodus Code, the first Torchwood novel, joins Cady Chesney to discuss how to be a successful author.
  • Public Relations Professional
    with Don Klein and Tim Muma - November 5, 2013
    Most businesses are extremely cautious and particular with the messages and images that are expressed to the public. In order to help protect and promote the organization, public relations professionals are used to handle information disseminated through the media or other outlets. Don Klein, president of the Public Relations Society of America's Southeastern Wisconsin chapter, talks with Tim Muma to discuss the key skills,...
  • Actuary
    with Joeff Williams and Tim Muma - October 21, 2013
    If you're a fan of math, economics, statistics and other areas in this genre, becoming an actuary may be your dream job. Joeff Williams, a consulting actuary with Actuarial Management Resources, Inc., joins Tim Muma to breakdown the skills needed to succeed in this discipline. Joeff explains the various steps to success, from education and applying to jobs, to the most important purpose for an actuary, and what type of pers...
  • Band
    with Mario Cerutti and Courtney Omernick - October 18, 2013
    Do you think your band has what it takes to make it to the top of the charts? Courtney Omernick sits down with Mario Cerutti, the drummer of Polarcode, to talk about what it's like booking gigs, recording music, and getting your band's name out there.